From 5th to 9th June our Year 10 pupils spent a week discovering the world of work as part of our work experience programme.

During that week all Year 10 pupils attended a business of their choice in order to find out about what it is like to work; this also gives our pupils a chance to find out if they like their chosen career.

This was a valuable week for our pupils who all enjoyed their time in industry, and for the businesses who could teach our pupils about essential work skills.


This year, King’s College Alicante was very fortunate to have the support of a great variety of local businesses, without whom, this initiative could not take part.


King’s College Alicante would like to thank the following companies for their invaluable help this year:


  • Renta 4 banco
  • Clinica Veterinaria Mares
  • Mundicar
  • RMPV Arquitectos
  • Regalados Arquitectos
  • Campos-Garciaromeu Abogados
  • Escuela de Vela de Guardamar
  • Jas Arquitectura
  • Telefónica de España
  • Teleelx
  • Hospital Universitario de San Juan de Alicante
  • Sky Marketing
  • Colegio Santísimo Sacramento Feyda
  • Juan de Dios Martos interiorismo
  • Agnelli Internacional SL
  • Servicios veterinarios Zoopark
  • Escuela infantil Acuarelas
  • Ingeniería de recursos ecologicos SL
  • Clinica veterinaria El Gato Azul
  • AON
  • Ayuntamiento de San Fulgencio
  • Bidurban
  • N6 arquitectura
  • Crazy Computer
  • Mago de Palo
  • Selva y Lorente SL
  • Alejandro Dapena Alted Abogado
  • Asociación murciana de rehabilitación psicosocial
  • Babcock MCS Spain
  • Juzgados de Elche
  • Sirera Asesoría
  • Juma inversores
  • Alenda Golf
  • Eurocan veterinarios
  • Gamehouse
  • World of Learning
  • Centro Medico Dental Jesus Pereda
  • Gabinete jurídico dirección letrada
  • Zarcar
  • Look 2 print
  • Tele Elda
  • Menfis
  • 3 gates
  • Universidad de Alicante
  • Venture Fleet


If you would like to help with this exciting work experience programme that both businesses and pupils enjoy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Virginie Maire.