The best schooDerek Laidlawls are, without exception, filled with happy children who love going to school. Children who love their teachers and their friends; children who love their maths lessons and their art classes. The main objective, right from the day the school was founded in 2001, was to establish a place that gave children plenty of good reasons to love their school. To discover new things, to explore different ways of seeing the world and ultimately, to love learning.

You don’t send your child to King’s College, Alicante just to make sure they get good grades at A Level and go to University. You send them here because you want them to be exposed to new ideas, to have their minds stimulated, their intellectual curiosity challenged and their creativity nurtured.

We live in a world where the pace of technological, social and professional change is faster and more challenging than ever before. The confident, articulate and out-going young people who leave the KCA are well equipped to take full advantage of the many opportunities that will come their way.

Our reputation for excellent academic achievement is a consequence of this simple approach.Strangely, we find that this “love of learning” which we instill in our children actually leads them to loving the idea of leaving school, not because they are bored or because they lack ambition, but because they want to go on. They want to go to the best universities. They want to learn more. They want to change the world. I look forward to meeting you and your children, I am sure they will love coming to school here.

Derek Laidlaw