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Key Stage 3 Football Success

We are delighted to tell you that our Key Stage 3 students have won their third sporting competition in succession. We took 45 students from Years 7-9 to Elche to compete in a football tournament against 4 other international school, finishing as overall champions. Our athletes interacted with students from other schools, demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship and were fantastic ambassadors for King's College Alicante. We should be very proud of their effort, attitude and achievement.
Final Standings:
Champions - King’s College Alicante
Year 7 Boys
4th King’s College Alicante
3rd ELIS Villamartin
2nd ELIS Murcia
1st Newton College
Year 8 Boys
4th ELIS Villamartin
3rd ELIS Murcia
2nd Newton
1st King’s College Alicante
Year 9 Boys
4th ELIS Murcia
3rd Newton
2nd King’s College Alicante
1st ELIS Villamartin
Key Stage 3 Girls
4th ELIS Murcia
3rd Newton
2nd ELIS Villamartin
1st King’s College Alicante

UKMT Senior Maths Challenge.

Nearly 30 competitors took part in the 90-minute challenge last Tuesday. They were faced with 25 mathematics and logic puzzles of increasing difficulty. Some competitors have been doing the UKMT since year 8 and said this year was a lot harder than the Junior and Intermediate Challenge.

Alejandro from Y12 said: “It was a very enriching experience. It was a pleasure to take part in such a competition at an international level. I´d also like to thank our teachers for all the preparation they gave us. It was a fantastic and fulfilling user experience.”

The entries have been sent off to the Mathematics Department at the University of Leeds, we keenly await the results in 3 weeks time. Fingers crossed!

Thanks to Mr Wall and the Maths Faculty for facilitating this experience.

Duke of Edinburgh´s Practice Expedition

As part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, students from year 10 to year 12 had the opportunity to undertake a practice expedition as well as a more challenging one, which will take place in March. During this practice expedition, we had the chance to learn how to set up a tent, hike and get to know our classmates with whom we’ll have to work as a team. On the first day we arrived we walked for approximately 20 km, having our packed lunch half way through. However, the day after, we only had time to walk 9km as we also visited some well known caves in Murcia. These caves were very extensive and fascinating. During the trek we also stopped at several places to appreciate our surroundings; we had our snacks by the river and also reached the top of a mountain. Although the weather was cold, it was a great experience for all of us. Personally I am looking forward to the real expedition where we will camp and cook for ourselves rather than staying in a shelter.

Spanish Corridor Displays for Learning

The Spanish department have created several beautiful and informative learning displays. The periodic table of literature is particularly effective. For aesthetics the prize would have to go to Valencian and their gorgeous Misteri D'elx student project display.

Learning Traditional Art Skills in Year 10

Year 10 IGCSE Fine Art students have been learning traditional art skills in the first term of their two year course. They worked together to produce a collaborative piece of art that uses the observational skills that are essential to becoming an artist. The materials used were charcoal and chalk and they were encouraged to focus on tone and contrast.

A Level Physicists visit CERN

A group of our A Level Physicists were very lucky to not only visit CERN this week but to be selected to participate in some heavy duty physics experiments in the S'Cool lab.  Last year our pupils applied to be accepted and only a very small number are successful in getting through and therefore getting their hands on some of the most modern and cutting edge technology in the physics world.  The CERN professor commented not only on how knowledgable our pupils were but also on how enthustiastically they participated in the practical work!  A great experience for all of them which I'm sure will stay with them for years to come!

Enrichment Activities in Secondary

 Several years ago the Secondary School at King's College Alicante launched Wednesday afternoon enrichment activities where pupils in Years 7-13 are encouraged to undertake an activity they haven't tried before to broaden their horizons.  The activities also provide the opportunity for pupils of different ages to mix together and for new friendships to be formed.  We are very proud of the range of activities we now have on offer and pupils are involved in a whole range of sporting, practical, academic and creative events for two hours every other week.  Just some of the things on offer this year and in the past include watersports, scuba diving (PADI certification), rock climbing, golf, STEM club, aerials and acrobatics, guitar, gardening, dance, soul singers, mindfulness, running club, Oxbridge preparation, volunteering and community service.  In the attached photographs you can see our current pupils enjoying their water sports and acrobatics activities which are both immensely popular!

Geography in action!

As part of the A Level Geography course, students are required to participate in at least 4 full days of fieldwork. The purpose of the fieldwork is to help consolidate some of the theories and concepts that students have learnt about in class, and to teach them vital skills needed for the successful completion of their independent project (coursework) which is worth 20% of the overall grade.
On 30 October, students went to Murcia to undertake an investigation on how sustainable the city was, how the city has adapted to meet the needs of the growing student population, and to assess the impact of globalisation on the city. Students undertook environmental quality surveys, land use surveys and a clone town survey, and were able to compare their results from different parts of the city.
On 31 October, students went to Santa Pola to investigate whether longshore drift had affected the profile of the coast, and assess the impact of coastal management strategies. Students worked in teams to collect data on wave frequency, rate of longshore drift, beach profile and width, and sediment size.
On our return to the classroom, students were able to use the data that they had collected to create a ‘living coastline’ plan and draw conclusions about the places they had visited based on the data collected. A good time was had by all… in spite of the wet and windy weather!

Halloween Science

Ms Bunyan's year 8 class had a great time doing experiments in Halloween. They learnt about static electricity making paper ghosts levitate using balloons and took part on a crazy demo where hydrogen peroxide fast decomposition was catalysed using potassium iodide making a very spooky pumpkin ooze green foam.

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our first "Students of the Month" who were invited to tea with the Secondary Headteacher (Mr. Wicks) and the Assistant Head of Secondary (Ms. Gregory).  Each month we will be selecting a pupil from Y7-13 who has achieved the most positive comments to tea and biscuits and to discuss their experiences in school.  October's students of the month are: Sofia 7K , Laura 8K , Dmitrii 9S, Nora 10K, Gema 11K, Raquel 12K & Alejandro 13K .  It was a real pleasure speaking to such a confident, eloquent and mature group of young people!  Congratulations to them all!

Hallowe'en fun

Our annual Hallowe'en disco took place once again this year, expertly organised by the Sixth Form Committee for their younger colleagues.  Teachers and pupils alike dressed up in all manner of scary costubes, donned fake teeth and mummy masks to frighten and scare each other.  From a haunted house to an escape room, traditional bobbing for apples and of course the eagerly awaited disco and associated prizes a fantastic time was had by all who attended!  Many thanks to the Sixth Formers and staff who volunteered to help make this a night to remember for our Key Stage 3 pupils!

Dos Winkel talks to Secondary pupils

We were delighted to be able to welcome Dos Winkel, a famous underwater and wildlife photographer with a passion for saving our seas.  One of our parents, Mr. de Haan kindly arranged for Mr. Winkel to visit school yesterday and we were very fortunate and grateful to the EUIPO for allowing us to use their outstanding facilities to host the presentation. 
Our eager Y10-13 pupils, particularly those who are studying biology and geography were able to hear first hand from a famous photographer who has now set up a charity focusing on saving our seas and protecting animals worldwide.  The talk educated them on the importance of sustainability and the need to protect the natural environment.  All pupils enjoyed the talk and left inspired to learn more about this important topic and make a difference to the future of the planet. 

Congratulations Nicolás Year 8

We are delighted and proud to announce that Nicolás in Year 8 achieved an incredible third place at the Spanish Judo "Super Copa " in Avilés over the weekend!  Congratulations Nicolás on an amazing achievement!e using the editor above to adjust formatting.

Using technology in the classroom

Mr Wesson uses a visualiser with a camera to show on the interactive smartboard how different salts dissolve depending on factors such as concentration or temperature. The whole class is able to see very clearly what happens and have an interesting discussion about factors that can affect solubility.

Welcome to our new teachers

Welcome to the new Secondary School teaching staff!
We would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new teachnig staff joining us for the forthcoming academic year.  We are delighted to have appointed a talented group of teachers to work with our existing team in offerig our pupils the best in British Education.  I am sure you will join me in welcoming them to King's College Alicante!  A brief biography of each of the staff members can be found on the attached document

6th Form Committee

Our new Sixth Form Committee will meet for the first time this week as they start the very important tasks of preparing for both the Hallowe’en Disco and the pupils’ Christmas Fair.  Congratulations to the following on their appointment to the committee:  Maria-Luiza (Head Girl), Lucas (Head Boy), Paula  (Deputy Head Girl), Erik  (Deputy Head…


Y12/13 Teambuilding

On Wednesday 20th September Year 12 and 13 participated in some team building activities to help them get to know each other better.  Miss Vila talked them through a series of challenges, mostly involving balloons and string, and there was much laughter to be had.  There is no doubt that barriers were broken down and…


Induction Day

For the second consecutive year we welcomed our Year 7 and Year 12 pupils back a day earlier than the rest of the student body so their academic year began on Friday 1st September.  It was a great opportunity for Year 7 to feel their feet and get their bearings without many other pupils in…


Coffee Morning for New Parents

We welcomed all new parents to both the Primary and Secondary schools to a coffee morning on Thursday 24th August.  Parents excitedly arrived to meet their children’s new year group leaders and to discuss the year ahead.   Please remember if you have any questions or concerns your child’s form tutor or year leader are best…


Geography trip to Benidorm

Year 9 students today embarked on a “fieldwork trip” to Benidorm as part of their Geography course, to find out to what extent tourism is having a positive or negative impact on Benidorm. They spent the morning doing tasks such as environmental surveys to tourists, vehicle and pedestrian counting, and enjoying the very hot weather.…