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Geography Days Out!

On Tuesday 7 May, Geography students from Years 10 and 12 spent the day exploring Alicante, and collected data from the San Juan, Maisonnave and Explanada areas. Students were trying to establish the main functions found in each of these areas, and assess the impacts of these functions. Students undertook traffic and pedestrian counts, land use surveys, gathered data using different apps on noise and air pollution, and asked both local people and tourists to complete a questionnaire. Year 12 students trialled some more sophisticated data collection techniques including carbon capturing, mood mapping and urban drifting. Over the coming weeks, students will present the data collected, go on to analyse it and draw conclusions, and then evaluate their investigation. 

Year 12 History

Y12 conducted a vigorous debate proposing that the Progressive Era was unable to reverse the worst excesses of the Gilded Age in American history. After passionate speeches and rebuttals from both sides the two teams were evenly matched. Only some very challenging questioning from the Proposition side at the very end was able to produce a clear winner. Who knew 19th-20th Century American Social history could be so bloodthirsty? 

Tin Foil Art

Year 9 Art students have been working collaboratively to produce strange humanoid creatures from tin foil and bits of wire.
These will make an appearance later in the year so keep a look out!

Student Newspaper

Our 6th Form have worked hard to produce their 1st edition of "King's News". This month, an interview with our very own @NicholasRFry. Many thanks to Dulcie, Miss Quigley and the team for their hard work! We hope this is the first of many!

Halloween Science

Ms Bunyan's year 8 class had a great time doing experiments in Halloween. They learnt about static electricity making paper ghosts levitate using balloons and took part on a crazy demo where hydrogen peroxide fast decomposition was catalysed using potassium iodide making a very spooky pumpkin ooze green foam.