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Allez! Fencing Chamionship Success for Laura

This weekend, Laura from year 11 participated in the Valencian Community sword fencing championship in Castéllon. Laura began sword fencing as part of her Duke of Edinburgh challenge and has made such rapid progress that she took the second place for her age category. Laura's family are very proud of Laura's dedication to the sport and back her 'to the hilt'. We, at King´s College, are very impressed with her hard work in fencing and the Duke of Edinburgh project. Congratulations, Laura!

Pearson Outstanding Learner Awards

We are delighted to announce that Pearson has acknowledged the hard work of our pupils with the award of 7 Outstanding Learner Awards for the Summer 2019 session.
Each year Pearson Examination Board awards certificates to the top performing candidates in the summer examination season.  Out of 58 awarded in Spain, King's College Alicante was awarded 7!
Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding achievements:
Carlos, Y11,  Highest Mark in Spain for GCSE Physical Education
Sergio, Y13, Highest Mark in Spain for GCE Chemistry
Pablo, Y13, Highest Mark in Spain for GCE Further Mathematics
Aline, Y11, Highest Mark in Europe for International GCSE English Language
Sergio, Y13, Highest Mark in Europe for GCE Mathematics
Pablo, Y13, Highest Mark in the World for GCE Physics
Uma, Y13, Highest Mark in the World for GCE Spanish
Congratulations to the students and their teachers!

An Enlightening Experience

The acquisition and practical application of knowledge in physics and chemistry throughout their time at school has enabled some of our year 13 students to bring a little Christmas spirit into the laboratory. They created a battery strong enopugh to light up a string of Christmas lights.

Christmas Chemistry

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Building on last week's chemistry experiment, year 13 created a battery in series with enough power to illuminate a set of Christmas lights! 

Cytology in Biology A level class

Year 12 biology students were studying the different stages of mitosis in garlic root tip cells this week for their core practical. The images they captured show individual root tip cells under 400 times magnification. The stained chromosomes are clearly visible at different stages of mitosis (cell division.)

Practical applications of chemistry

Year 13 Chemistry students were very excited to be putting their chemical and physical knowledge into practice. They accepted the challenge of powering a battery-less stopwatch using only the chemicals that were available in the laboratory. Lots of interesting cross-curricular discussions followed this and they have accepted a new challenge for next week. Watch this space! 
Mr Wesson thanked Dr Martinez for planning the experiment, saying, "You can´t beat a good bit of redox, it´s so powerful - loaded with potential!" 

Biology and Geography Field Trip to Los Arenales

With extreme weather events, flooding and climate change, we will be relying on highly qualified geographers in the near future. At King's College, Alicante, we have skilled, intelligent geographers in the making. Year 10, 11 and 12 classes have been completing their physical geography fieldwork, undertaking primary data collection in our local area. They were investigating whether the sand dunes at Los Arenales followed the traditional concept of succession, and whether the impact of longshore drift was significant in this area. Students also conducted a bipolar survey on the coastal management strategies that have been deployed along the coast and considered their effectiveness. On returning to school, students will take secondary sources into account such as local geology maps and satellite images. We look forward to drawing out their geographical conclusions! 
Year 13 biologists also went on the field trip to study the flora of the sand dunes to complete two core practicals for their A level. Using transects, they investigated the distribution and density of organisms and the effects of abiotic factors on the distribution of species. "The beauty of biology is the ability to study in the natural environment. It's not a bad day's work, and we saw a rainbow!" 

Physics Trip to CERN 2019

From 4th to 7th November, 23 King's College students and 3 staff members left Alicante's balmy sunshine to embrace three days of heavy rain forecast in Switzerland, at temperatures of 283 Kelvin and below (10 degrees Celsius for the non-Physicists amongst our readers).
After settling in to their rooms at the comfortable Geneva Hostel, they headed out to a nearby escape room to find clues and solve problems. The teams of five applied their analytical skills to bank robberies, Egyptian pyramids and murder mysteries, each successfully completing their challenge.
The weather held magnificently, with sunny spells throughout the week and only one heavy rainstorm. They spent two days in and around Geneva, exploring the impressive United Nations headquarters, the inspirational International Red Cross and Red Crescent museum and Geneva's picturesque old town.
The CERN trip was on the final day. The group benefited from the tour guide's experience. who, after 30 years of programming detectors at CERN, answered every question the students could conjure. The day included a tour of cross-sections of the particle accelerators and a DIY cloud chamber session where their homemade particle detectors brought Physics to life before their eyes. Their charismatic professor, Mak, took them on an exciting lesson through particle interactions which neatly overlapped what the students have been learning in Nuclear Physics this term.
The trip concluded with a 4.30am wake up for an early flight home and cries of "Can we stay another day please?" The planning has already begun for the 2020 trip!

Having fun while fundraising

Halloween at King's College this year was spine-tingling fun! Monsters and ghouls roamed the corridors and science labs as pupils in fancy dress entered a competition to find the best costume. 
Pupils took part in the traditional Hallowe'en practice of apple bobbing, alongside other popular activities, such as an escape room and photo booth. They also had the opportunity to buy Hallowe'en-themed cakes.
The sixth form charity committee were particularly grateful for the generosity of the entire school community as well over 600 euros were raised for the charity Practical Action, which provides support to smallholding farmers and  enables people to access clean energy and improved water and sustainable, efficient irrigation systems in countries such as Sudan. Jacobo (Y13) said, "We were all on board as Practical Action is no ordinary charity. They prioritise teaching communities how to use the tools they already have to improve their lives so they don't have to rely on anyone."