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World Oceans Day

From the upper floors of KCA, our children can see the Mediterranean. This proximity to the sea and the beach has made our children passionate about protecting our oceans and our environment more generally.

For several years now, we have worked in partnership with the Ocean Race Project and Ambiente Europeo - both to raise funds and to raise awareness of the need to protect our ocean and the precious sea life within them.  

Had we been in physical school, we were going to participate in World Oceans Day on Monday 8th June and have a full week of oceans learning combining knowledge and skills from science, geography, art and personal and social education. Instead, we changed our plans and we will still commemorate World Oceans Day but virtually!

For 4 consecutive Fridays our primary children have been off-timetable learning more about the Oceans. They started with an Oceans Art Friday where work inspired by nature was created in a multitude of forms. The best pieces from each class will appear in our KCA Virtual Art Gallery which is launched next week. The second Friday was Oceans Geography Friday where children learnt more about the oceans, countries and continents, as well as the sea life in our oceans and how endangered many species are. Our third Friday was Oceans Science Friday; children were introduced to STEM style open-ended tasks to design and build flood-proof houses and carry out their own scientific experiments linked to ice melting, rising sea levels and more!

The final Friday will be a showcase where the virtual art gallery is launched and the children get to share, celebrate and present their Oceans project work. We also invite our children to wear "Ocean colours" on this day and we have set-up a virtual fundraising page via our school website with all proceeds, again, going to Ambiente Europea to support their work to clean-up our oceans.

In addition to this, the children were set an Eco-Challenge to come up with any invention or idea which could help save our planet; the more original, the better! The quality of submissions has been excellent.


The children at KCA are passionate eco-warriors. They are our future and they believe it can be green!