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World Oceans Day Special Assembly and Fundraising

On Thursday 6th June 2019, The Primary School attended a special World Oceans Day Assembly where Lucy Hunt from the Ocean Race Project in Alicante came and spoke about the challenge we have as a planet to save our oceans by eliminating plastic. She stressed the importance of the 5Rs: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. She told the children that over 50% of our oxygen comes from the oceans so it is important that we have clean, plastic free oceans. Over the last few months around 360 children took part in an Ocean Poster competition, the results of which were announced at the assembly. 18 winners were identified from Years 1 to 6. On Friday 7th June, the children from Primary will come in Ocean colours to raise money for an Ocean clean up campaign. 

Primary Councillors invited to visit Ocean Museum and Control Room!

On Wednesday 15th May, Primary Councillors from King's College Alicante went on their first official Council trip to the Ocean Museum Project in Alicante. This is part of their work on the sustainabilty of our Oceans and the war on plastic pollution. 
Over the last two years the Primary Council and the Ocean Project have worked in partnership to ensure that children, teachers, parents and the wider community are working to keep our Oceans clean and free from plastic pollution. During the visit, the children learned about the amazing Ocean Race which involves so many people from different parts of the world. They had a chance to explore a vessel, experience what being in a boat race would be like by going on the simulator and to top it all, they were given a very special tour of the Ocean Race Control Room, where communication with boats takes place.  Executive Director of the Project, Mr Dougal Cristie, said that he was really pleased to work closely with the school and particularly the Primary Council. Following this visit, Lucy Hunt, the Sustainability Officer from the Ocean Project, will be speaking to the whole Primary school at a special assembly on 6th June. 
This trip to the Ocean Museum was an excellent cross phase event involving children from all year groups.  

Glorious Glorr Bags Give Hope to Those Who Need It!

Every Year, Kings College Alicante joins forces with the Glorr Fundacion, a charity which collects unwanted clothes and shoes for children and families in need. This year was no diifferent except that even more bags were donated by our generous parents and pupils.  It is hoped that hundreds of people all over the world will receive much needed clothes and footwear.  Thanks to everyone who donated! 

Primary Council in Partnership with Ocean Race Project Persevere to Protect our Oceans!

The Primary School Council had a special meeting on Friday March 29th, where Lucy Hunt, Education Programme Manager for the Ocean Race Project, came  and presented to the councillors about the work of the project, the curriculum based work in schools and how working together we can make a huge difference.  The Council participated in activities aimed at improving their communication skills and they looked at how to design an effective poster about looking after our oceans.
The meeting saw the launch of a Poster competition which all children from Years 1 to 6 can enter. The Ocean Project will be awarding prizes to 18 lucky winners!  

Pupil Voice is Loud and Clear!

Here at King's College Alicante, Pupil Voice is hugely important. We take pride in having a vibrant Primary School Council and in addition to that we listen to what our pupils have to say. This month the whole of Key Stage 1 was asked how they would like to see their playground improved. They met with the Assistant Head of the Lower School (Mrs Gandhi), the Leader of Key Stage 1 (Miss Ryan) and each class spent time discussing ideas; designing their own playgrounds and finally this was fed back to senior leadership to help them make decisions about the future of the Key Stage 1 playground. Many of the ideas identified by pupils in years 1 and 2 will be taken on board to help improve facilities for the children to have a better exeperience during their break times. 

Promoting a Healthy Primary School

Over the last 6 weeks, through the PSHE JIGSAW scheme, the Primary School have been working on how to be healthy. From Nursery all the way upto Year 6, children have been looking at all the ways in which they can lead a healthy lifestyle.  It's
fantastic to see children bringing in healthy snacks each day and so many love to play sports and keep active. Even the Year 6 Chocolate Bake Sale has a healthy feature to it!  In addition to that, children learn how to be calm and relax through mindfulness exercises.  At KCA, we are healthy, hearty and happy!

Down on the farm!

Various year groups in the primary school have been on trips and visits this term. Year One and Reception went to a nearby farm where they met a variety of farm animals, rode on a tractor and baked their own bread! The children had a fantastic time and the trips really brought to life their in school learning about farm animals and healthy food.

Primary Carnival Day!

On Thursday 28th February, the entire primary school dressed up to celebrate the Alicante carnival weekend. As 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the King´s Group (which was founded in 1969) we decided that our theme for the dressing-up would be 1960s!
All the children and staff enjoyed being creative and home-made costumes were encouraged. We had a great variety of cosumes, from hippies to astronauts, Grease characters and the 1966 world-cup winning England football team!
In Early Years, a parent came in and played 1960s songs on his guitar and the children enjoyed their sing-a-long.
The whole primary school then held a carnival parade in the sunshine!

Author of IHERO, Steve Skidmore, wows Alicante Pupils

Author Steve Skidmore, who wrote IHero, Code Mission and Kung Fu Kitten amongst many others, visited King’s College Alicante to do workshops with children from Year 1 to Year 6.  Children were really excited as many of them have read Steve's books which they love. During the course of the day, he used children and teacher volunteers to demonstrate how to write and create imagery and atmosphere.  Later in the day, he led a very special workshop for some of our gifted and talented pupils who see themselves as future authors.


Parents Participate in putting the Jigsaw pieces together at PSHEE&C Workshop.

So what is PSHEE&C? That’s what parents found out at a recent workshop that they attended at King’s College Alicante.  They learned that their children receive at least one hour a week where they discuss things which may affect them personally or socially; may impact on their health, education and economy as well as develop them as citizens.

At King's College Alicante, every child from nursery to Year Six will participate in Jigsaw lessons where they will learn to be calm, as well as to develop as citizens in their class, school, home, community and the wider world. They will meditate during their Jigsaw lesson as well focusing on specific areas.  There are 6 key topics or puzzles:

  • Being me in my world

  • Celebrating differences

  • Dreams and Goals

  • Healthy Me

  • Relationships

  • Changing Me.

Each of these puzzles lasts 6 weeks. During this time, every child should be calm and listening to the speaker.  Parents, who attended the workshop last week, were able to practise being calm, like their children in a PSHEE&C lesson.  

Over 100 parents attended and many said that they would have liked to have experienced these lessons when they were younger. Many asked for further workshops on practical ways of helping children learn and focus.

There will be further workshops held on PSHEE&C later in the year, looking  particularly at Relationships and Health Education which will be statutory in the UK from September 2019.



KCA Time Capsule Ceremony

Like all schools across the King’s Group, King’s College Alicante commenced the 50th Anniversary of the King’s Group celebrations with the burial of a commemorative time capsule in the school grounds.
We held assemblies to launch a competition with all of the children in Years 3 - 6 of Primary and had hundreds of fantastic and creative entries. Ruby in Y5 won with her poster and suggested contents being buried in the capsule, alongside a plaque stating it is to be retrieved in 25 years’ time.
During the special assembly, the CEO of the King’s Group, Elena Benito gave a speech and presented the school with a special commemorative 50th anniversary book. Other attendees included guests from Alicante, including EUIPO, the ambassador, local businesses and members of our school advisory council. Mr Blaikie presided over the events and invited Ruby and the Head boy and Deputy head girl to bury the capsule and insert the plaque.
The Year 6 House Captains were chosen to represent the Primary School, along with the co-chairs of the Primary School Council. Secondary students and the Head boy were also present to participate in this special event and provided beautiful musical accompaniment.
The contents of the time capsule can be seen in the photograph.       
We look forward to seeing what future KCA students think about what life is like in 2019!

Eco Warriors Greener and Meaner Than Ever!

KCA Eco Warriors leave no room unchecked!

This month the KCA Eco Warriors have been out and about, visiting classes to see if they are being Eco friendly.  Now that the colder months have set in, the Warriors are looking out for radiators which are on at the same time as windows being open.  They continue to check if projectors have been kept on whilst everyone is out of class as well as lights, recycling evidence and faulty taps.

In addition to the Eco walks, KCA School Council carries out its recycling walks on a Thursday afternoon each week. Councillors bring their paper recycling bags and walk down with Mrs Gandhi to the paper recycling bins. Not only do they have bags and bags of paper to recycle but they also bring down any plastic recycling!

This year the KCA Primary Council is greener and meaner when it comes to plastic pollution and paper waste!

Year 2 Class Assemblies are a Class Act!

Year 2 Class Assemblies Get Off to a Flying Start!
This month Year 2 have got the Class Assemblies off to a fantastic start! Parents have had the chance to come and see their children perform Goldilocks and the Three Bears and sing a variety of songs including one from the new music scheme, Charanga, which the school have bought this year.  2K and 2A children impressed parents with their Kung Fu Punctuation and their Talk For Write story telling. 2C wowed their parents with a fantastic piece of drama linked to their topic of Space, reenacting the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin Moon-landing of 1969! All three classes demonstrated a phenomenal level of spoken English and they showed their parents how much they loved school.  Well done to the Year 2 teachers for supporting their children so brilliantly!