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Year 4 Newspaper Reports - Talk for Writing in Action!

In Year 4, a mysterious event took place that needed some serious detective work!  Miss Spargo’s medals were taken - but for what reason and by whom? Drawing on the principles of Talk for Writing, the children were given a hook for their paired writing, linked to their topic of The Olympics.  After watching the video (CCTV style) of a mysterious figure, disguised by a werewolf mask, witch’s hat and a black cloak, the children had to make notes on the 5Ws (who, what, why, where, when) and the H (how). As the medals were taken on Halloween, the children’s detective skills were really tested, as all of the items that were worn belonged to different members of staff in the school!  The children were extremely enthused and excited by the prospect of solving this mystery. The questioning that took place, both in the classroom and to their chosen “suspects”, was done in high-level English, which was then transferred to their writing. When it finally came to writing the newspaper report, after boxing it up into the appropriate paragraphs and including a realistic eyewitness report, the writing was fantastic.  The children were talking about the event in the classroom, the corridors, the playground and the dining hall and taking note of every last detail of all of the members of staff - no one was spared the scrutiny! Finally, after the reports were written, it was revealed that Miss Lally was the culprit - but she was only taking them to get them engraved for Miss Spargo with the date of the races, and wanted it to be a surprise. Mystery solved!

Times Tables Rockstars!

This term, we have introduced a new initiative to get pupils excited by times tables - the foundation of a sound understanding of mathematics - called ´Times Tables Rock Stars´. The online programme is a test of accuracy and speed with children answering as many multiplication and division calculations as possible in 1 minute. It has proven extremely popular with pupils across the whole school and we have seen fantastic progress in pupils’ speed and accuracy in the short time they have been using it. The element of competition has proven to be quite an incentive! One 24 hour “battle” between a year 5 class accumulated over 34,000 calculations in 24 hours!! We hope that, over the coming terms, we see even more progress across the school and children using their times tables to make links across a wide range of maths areas.

House Games Competition

House Team Games


Since designing shields for their teams in October, the feeling of House team spirit has been growing and last week saw pupils in KS2 taking part in a House Team Games competition.  Year 3 and 4 pupils in their teams of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water competed against each other at Dodgeball. In Year 5, the pupils enjoyed what turned out to be a one-day international style Kwik Cricket day and Year 6 had great fun playing Caterpillar Rounders.

Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a House team game event and learned the importance of collaboration and teamwork.   It was fantastic to see pupils encouraging each other when the chips were down and celebrating wins in a respectful manner. The House team winner for this event was Fire so congratulations to all of them.  There will be more House events next term including a Spelling Bee competition and House Rap competition.

Eco Warriors Greener and Meaner Than Ever!

KCA Eco Warriors leave no room unchecked!

This month the KCA Eco Warriors have been out and about, visiting classes to see if they are being Eco friendly.  Now that the colder months have set in, the Warriors are looking out for radiators which are on at the same time as windows being open.  They continue to check if projectors have been kept on whilst everyone is out of class as well as lights, recycling evidence and faulty taps.

In addition to the Eco walks, KCA School Council carries out its recycling walks on a Thursday afternoon each week. Councillors bring their paper recycling bags and walk down with Mrs Gandhi to the paper recycling bins. Not only do they have bags and bags of paper to recycle but they also bring down any plastic recycling!

This year the KCA Primary Council is greener and meaner when it comes to plastic pollution and paper waste!

Year 2 Class Assemblies are a Class Act!

Year 2 Class Assemblies Get Off to a Flying Start!
This month Year 2 have got the Class Assemblies off to a fantastic start! Parents have had the chance to come and see their children perform Goldilocks and the Three Bears and sing a variety of songs including one from the new music scheme, Charanga, which the school have bought this year.  2K and 2A children impressed parents with their Kung Fu Punctuation and their Talk For Write story telling. 2C wowed their parents with a fantastic piece of drama linked to their topic of Space, reenacting the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin Moon-landing of 1969! All three classes demonstrated a phenomenal level of spoken English and they showed their parents how much they loved school.  Well done to the Year 2 teachers for supporting their children so brilliantly!


KCA children explore the sky at night!

The Planetarium Comes to KCA

On 19th November, children from Reception and Year 2 classes had an amazing opportunity to get close to the stars, planets, moon and milky way as they crawled on all fours into a giant inflated planetarium.  Once inside the dome planetarium, children were able to see the night skies and learned about some of the constellations. They were given an insight into the other planets in our solar system. This experience has provided the children with a great stimulus for discussion about the topic of Space and subsequent writing which they will do as part of their English lessons. 


Early Years Foundation Stage

We have invested significantly in improving the Early Years (nursery and Reception) areas of our school and are very proud of the fantastic learning occurring for our youngest children each and every day.
The outdoor area at nursery has been significantly overhauled with new flooring, a climbing bridge, large musical equipment and games to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills. We were delighted to open up the outdoor areas and classrooms to nursery parents during our ‘messy play’ afternoons. These events were very well-attended and parents commented how much they enjoyed being able to be part of their child’s learning and to see the rationale and theory behind the ‘messy play’ activities and how these are part of a longer learning journey towards getting children to be confident, secure and happy learners as they progress through school.  

Celebrating Differences

Our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) topic for this half of term is ‘Celebrating Differences’. The children in KCA have been learning about how we are all different and unique and how important that is to celebrate and respect differences in how we all look, speak, our beliefs, our hobbies and our skills.
The children have also been taught the importance of teamwork, as well as how they must show respect and kindness to everyone and how each class can work together to achieve great things by drawing on everyone’s individuality and their personal skills.
Rather than talk about ‘anti-bullying’, we have instead focussed on ‘Kindness’ with children taught about how important it is to use kind words and kind actions to each other. The headteacher’s assemblies have taught the children about Gandhi as a role-model for kindness and children have been encouraged to complete their ‘kindness mission’ by carrying out a kind deed for another person and seeing if the chain of kindness can keep going before possibly returning to them -like a boomerang.

Remembrance Day

Classes in King’s College Alicante commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War One by making their own poppies, listening to and exploring the meaning of the war poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. A group of Year Five girls performed the poem in a Year 5 and 6 assembly where the assembled children showed great respect and solemnity.

Primary go "Around the World"

At King's College Alicante the Primary pupils have been celebrating a special week with a geography theme. During the week titled "Around the World" we have been celebrating cultural diversity and improving our geographical knowledge; thinking about different cultures and traditions.
Throughout the week children completed various activities linked to the countries they were studying, tasks included cookery, craft, art, computing, dance, poetry writing and much more. Younger classes and older classes joined together to share their learning, the pupils really loved this!  
At the end of our special week we held our “Around the World” themed Carnival day. Classes paraded around the school wearing costumes linked to countries studied and each year group shared a picnic following the same theme.
At KCA we frequently hold special themed events, when pupils can make links between the subjects they study in a fun and creative way.  
Photos from our geography week can be viewed by clicing the link. PHOTOS

Primary Music Recitals

On Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd and Friday 5th May we held our Music Recitals performed by the Optional Activities children. They looked forward to performing for their parents. We could enjoy a variety of musical pieces from “We will rock you” or “Sofía” played with the Drum Kit, “Highway to hell” with the guitar, “Nuvole…


Year 1 Trip to Font Roja

On Thursday 6th April the year 1 children and teachers went on a trip to Font Roja. Font Roja is located in the region of Alcoy and represents one of the best preserved natural areas of the Valencia territory. Children enjoyed exploring and learning about many different trees, plants and animals living in the reserve.…


King’s Infant School Elche

As you have probably heard, in September 2017 King’s Group are opening a new Infant school in Elche.  This week we were able to get a sneak preview of the school.  The building is now close to completion, it has such a lovely feel, bright classrooms and plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning as each…


Year 4 Spring Show

Spring is in the air… it certainly was once Year 4 took to the stage.  Pupils shared a lovely range of performance poetry, drama singing and dancing. The pupils performed beautifully, with great confidence. The show was a big hit with the audience. Well done Year 4!


On Sunday 26th March some of our Ballet students; Sandra 7A, Laura 6C, Teresa 7A, Carolina 5A, Jimena 6C, Jimena 5A, Sara 4C, Carmen 4C, Ana Isabel 4C, took part in the 8th Sketch National Competition organised by Club Blaumar, in Valencia. The audience was pleasantly overwhelmed by the performance and the staging. The girls’…


Chess Tournament

On Sunday 12th March, a group of King’s College students took part in the III School Teams Chess Tournament Sub12, organised by “Club de Ajedrez de Alicante”. Our pupils Érica 5C, Alejandro 6C, Mauro 6C, Paula 7C and Álvaro 6K, were accompanied by their parents and their Chess Instructor, they really enjoyed the experience. They…


Year 4 Trip to Santa Pola

On Thursday 2nd March, Year 4 visited the  Salt Museum in Santa Pola (Centro de Interpretación del Parque Natural Salinas de Santa Pola) . Salt was an important part of the mummification process in ancient Egypt therefore this trip was aimed at finding out more about salt and its importance to humans and the environment.…


Year 3 Trip to Rio Safari

Year 3 spent a fun and informative day at Rio Safari. We started the day with a tour by the monitors, visiting the reptile house,the monkeys and the crocodiles.They gave us lots of information about the care and needs of the animals. We then had an exciting ride on the safari train! This was followed…