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At the Forefront of British Education Overseas - Additional Learning Needs

A team of KCA Primary and Secondary staff have been working since last May towards a British Special Educational Needs and Disability Inclusion Award (SENDIA). The team are aiming to meet all objectives set out in a framework which recognises outstanding SEND provision in schools.
Staff at KCA have been reflecting on the school’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of SEND provision and all additional learning needs, considering areas for further improvement and development. The award also aims to helps schools determine where current provision is having high or little impact on the progress and outcomes of pupils with SEND and additional learning needs.
We have been working closely with a UK advisor Dr L Evans, she has been to visit several times and is supporting the team of staff working towards this award, she has been really pleased to see how hard our teachers work to meet the needs of all the children at KCA.  
We are currently the first school outside of the UK aiming to gain this award.

Primary go "Around the World"

At King's College Alicante the Primary pupils have been celebrating a special week with a geography theme. During the week titled "Around the World" we have been celebrating cultural diversity and improving our geographical knowledge; thinking about different cultures and traditions.
Throughout the week children completed various activities linked to the countries they were studying, tasks included cookery, craft, art, computing, dance, poetry writing and much more. Younger classes and older classes joined together to share their learning, the pupils really loved this!  
At the end of our special week we held our “Around the World” themed Carnival day. Classes paraded around the school wearing costumes linked to countries studied and each year group shared a picnic following the same theme.
At KCA we frequently hold special themed events, when pupils can make links between the subjects they study in a fun and creative way.  
Photos from our geography week can be viewed by clicing the link. PHOTOS

It's a Small World

Whatever the weather, our young learners are always ready to explore their outdoor learning environment.
On our playgground they can develop and master a variety of skills which will give them a great start to their school learning journey.
What do they do?
In the kitchen role play area the children have been writing down orders and preparing ‘food’ for the customers waiting patiently for their meal. They have been developing their English through recreating real life experiences such as working at home from their computer in a relaxed atmosphere. Some children like to build with lego; while this is a fun activity, it also strengthens muscles in their fingers which helps them hold a pencil and become fabulous writers. The children have been working on their language skills through acting out scenarios with the small world people and animals. We found that the bikes brought in opportunities to collaborate through working as a team. When the bikes ‘break’ we can even take them to the garage to get repaired. First the mechanic must make an assessment to work out how to fix it. Sometimes it is nice to sit and play board games such as snakes and ladders. Good friends have been taking turns to roll the die and using their maths to count as they move along.
We are proud of our little learners in Reception and are pleased with how much learning they get out of their play experiences every day at King's.

Eco warriors

Our new team of Eco Warriors, the Primary Councillors from all the "C" classes did their first walk of the term.
They reported that "Overall - classes are doing really well."
The team walk around the Primary School with Mrs Gandhi to check how eco friendly each class are being.  They check that during lunch time we are switching lights off to save electricity, they look for recycling bags in classrooms, they also report if heating is on but windows are open etc
After this walk all classes were reminded  "If you spot any dripping taps which seem to drip even if they are not on please let maintenance know." 

Well done Eco Warriors!  

Carlos Chess Champion

Carlos started playing chess when he was 5 years old when his father taught him.  He eventually started lessons and then joined a chess club.  Carlos says his new trainer is really important to him.   The way he plays now is more secure and more thoughtful.
Recently, Carlos played in a chess tournament at the “Diputación”.  He came 1st in the under 10 competition.  Carlos says he thinks having a Growth Mindset is really important in chess. He would rather play against someone better than him than against someone much worse.  He says in chess, it is more important learning and improving, than winning.  Congratulations, Carlos.  A great achievement and everyone at King´s College Alicante is very proud of you.

Author of the Month

The Junior library had the great pleasure to have The Brothers Grimm as our authors of the month in October. These lines are dedicated to them …
Once upon a time there were two German brothers called Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The brothers worked as lawyers and librarians, and later on became university professors. In their free time, they had a really interesting hobby - collecting fairy tales!
In those days, there was no television, radio or internet, so people gathered together in the evenings to hear storytellers tell tales like Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel.
The brothers liked nothing more than travelling all around Europe and listening to local storytellers tell their fairy tales. Then, they wrote them down in a big book for everyone to enjoy. The book was published in 1812 known in English as Grimms' Fairy Tales.
The book held 211 tales including the well-known Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, The Musicians of Bremen, The Frog King, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, Hänsel and Gretel, The Brave Little Tailor, Tom Thumb, The Golden Goose, Juan Without Fear, The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Rumpelstiltskin, among others.
During the month of October children from years 3 to 6 were able to visit the library and learn about the brothers, there were competitions and story sessions for all of the children to take part in.  The winners of the months competitions were celebrated in assembly and each child received a voucher to spend at the book fair.

Primary Maths Event

Primary School Maths Week
The maths content of the British National Curriculum is divided into distinct domains: number (place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions), measure, geometry, statistics, ratio and algebra. Each year children work through the appropriate curriculum objectives for their age group, developing their fluency and problem solving skills. Teachers at KCA plan maths lessons to make learning meaningful and combine practical fun lessons with textbook based activities (tailored to the needs of the pupils).  
This year during our “Maths Week” all classes in Primary have been collecting, sorting and representing data. The British and Spanish teachers have been making links with the pupils learning in other areas of the curriculum.  This is what makes the curriculum at KCA special, something we call a “Creative Curriculum.
Year 4 for example linked their Olympic topic with PE, they had a special mini olympic event, collected the data from each event, collated this in charts and graphs.
To see more of the exciting work that took place during maths week take a look at the following photos:

Year 3 Castle Trip

Year 3 Castle Trip
Our Year 3 children are currently learning about castles, pupils learn about their topic through various subjects across the curriculum, for example art and design technology - pupils design and make models of castles; geography- pupils research and locating castles in Spain; history - pupils study timelines and consider how castles have changed over time; science - pupils make and investigate catapults. Throughout the whole topic English is of course central to all of the learning and children are reading, discussing and writing in English. As part of the topic the Year 3 children spent a day at the local castle in Alicante. The monitors brought learning about castles to life and so much fun was had.  
Take a look thorough the album to see how the Year 3 children spent their day out:

Book, stories and reading

At KCA all of our pupils are encouraged to listen to stories and to read regularly. This helps our pupils learn new vocabulary and new sentence structures, they can start to “borrow” these and use them in their spoken English and as they grow older in their written English too. To help you child at…


House Captains

At the start of each new school year the Year 6 pupils elect House Captains, children who they feel will do a good job representing each house. The following pupils have been nominated captains and over the course of the year these students will help to represent their houses at KCA.   Earth house: Pablo…


Optional Activities

We are approaching the end of the academic year and May has been a month full of events in which our Optional Activities Pupils have taken part. In the May Fair some of the girls enrolled in Ballet performed a part of the Ballet Piece “The sound of Music”, awarded with the first prize in…


Nursery Assemblies

As the year draws to an end we love seeing how much our youngest pupils have grown and developed since joining us in September. Our three Nursery classes presented their class assemblies last week, each audience enjoyed a the lovely signing, dancing and English. Stars in the making! Nursery K photos Nursery C photos…


Fundraising for Nazareth

On Monday 15th May 2017, children from Nazareth, a charitable education provider in Alicante, received a cheque for 750 Euros. The cheque was presented by Miguel and Lucia in 6A, who are the Co-chairs of the Primary School Council.  The money was raised jointly by The School Council and Year 6 by selling chocolate cakes…


Chess Tournament

On the 13th May 2017 some of King’s College Alicante students took part in the Chess tournament held in Mutxamel. A total of 134 children competed and our pupil Álvaro won all the matches and was the winner in his age group, U-6. In U-12 another King’s College Alicante pupil, Paula, was championship. Congratulations to…


May Fair 2017

On Saturday 20th May, after months of behind the scene preparation we opened the school gates for our second May Fair. We were delighted that so many families came to support this event; a time not only to raise money for a good cause but also an opportunity for KCA staff, pupils and families to…