Carl Orff said: ‘You will learn music while you play’. Our project is to enhance the child’s creativity, playing the instrument from the very first day, in a fun way.”, Julia Toro, Optional Activities Piano teacher.







“Through Judo we teach judokas to think quickly and with precision. At the same time, we prepare their bodies to react accurately. The Body is an instrument that is only effective if we keep it fit and put our intelligence to use quick and accurate”. Jose Alberto Valverde, Judo Teacher.






Through Optional Activities students not only gain knowledge but develop all their capacities, such as social, physical and emotional skills. Furthermore they enhance their bond with King’s College, improve independence, self-esteem and foster responsibility for the management of their free time. They socialize with pupils from different classes and, in other words, they improve their relationships.

It is our desire to personalize the development of our students, and that is why we offer a wide range of Optional Activities both sporting and musical or pedagogic activities.

Optional Activities take place in two different schedules:

-At lunchtime, from 12.55 to 1.45 pm

-Afterschool, from 4.35 to 5.35 pm

These Activities are optional and are taught by qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers, who provide fun for the students. Optional Activities are organised for all courses, except Nursery, with a specific offer for each level.


The Optional Activities are as follows:





Music Optional Activities: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Kit and Musical Garden.

To practise an instrument, not only strengthens motor skills and auditory capacities, but also helps to develop socialization and cooperation attitudes and abilities. Music arouses and improves certain capacities that influence children’s education directly.






Languages: Chinese, German, Russian…

Multilingual people, especially children, are skilled at switching between two systems of speech, writing, and structure. This “juggling” skill makes them good multitaskers, because they can easily switch between different structures. Another good reason to speak different languages is that makes you stand out from the crowd and you’ll be able to work anywhere in the world.



Creative or Pedagogic Optional Activity: Engineering and Industrial Design, Brilliant Intelligence, Science and Technology, Aloha Mental Maths, Sewing, Jumping Clay, Theatre in French, Painting and Art Craft, Chess and Drawing.

These activities allow children to make their own artistic creations, making it easy to enjoy the art not only as spectators. Furthermore they learn to express and communicate feelings and emotions. They discover the possibilities and limitations of your their own bodies by increasing self-confidence, as well as achieving greater oral, manual and visual skills.





Sport Optional Activities: Football, Judo, Tennis, Badminton, Multisports, Ballet, Spanish Dance and Sevillanas, Gymnastics and Modern Dance.

Sports offer the opportunity to work values such as discipline and the importance of rules, solidarity and tolerance to frustration. Team Sports help work in group and see victories without arrogance though they learn what leadership means and its importance for the team.










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