Mr Victor Martínez:

After some years lecturing and researching in different universities in Spain, Germany, Colombia and Australia I decided to move to the UK and become a secondary Science teacher. Coming back to Spain is a great opportunity for me to be closer to my family and, at the same time, keep teaching the British National Curriculum for Chemistry which, in my opinion, combines the right amounts of theory and practice. Both pupils and staff have been very positive and hardworking, helping progress and growth. It’s great to feel the ‘buzz’ when some students get engaged in Scientific discussions among themselves. Overall, a great start!

Mrs Catherine Owen:

My teaching career actually started in Spain 11 years ago when I taught English as a second language to children in Linares for a year.  Since then I have taught across years 3 to 5 in two excellent English schools before moving back to Spain a year ago.  Last year I worked at Kings College Alicante as a supply teacher which gave me a fantastic opportunity to familiarise myself with the school and its working practice.  I was so impressed with the behaviour and hardworking attitude of the pupils and am thrilled to join the team of dedicated teachers.

 Katherine Owen

Mrs Kate Louise Pearson:

I am originally from Liverpool and have been working as Head of Languages in the UK.  I am now teaching PE from Year 7 to A level students and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at Kings College so far.  The students are an absolute pleasure to teach and every day a different student reminds me why I love coming to work every day.  The students really are a credit to their parents and to the school.

Kate Pearson

Mr Thomas Dyson Charman:

My name is Tom Charman and I will be leading the Humanities department this year. I have recently moved from London where I was working in an academy for five years; two of which as the Head of Humanities. I am extremely impressed with the work ethic and passion the students have shown so far; and I am very much looking forward to working with them in the year ahead. I look forward to meeting you all and would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and staff for being so welcoming.

Tom Charman

Mrs Claire Mellon:

My name is Claire Mellon and I am thoroughly enjoying being part of King´s College, Alicante. I am teaching in Year 3 and have found the children to be delightful and well mannered. Everyone at the college has been very welcoming and friendly. Before coming to Spain, I worked in Qatar for 11 years. My husband is also teaching in King´s College and our three children are in the primary school. We are enjoying life in Alicante and are looking forward to exciting times ahead!

Claire Mellon

Mrs Helen Saxon:

I am Miss Saxon and I am the new teacher in year 2.   I have been enjoying getting to know the little Seals´ in my class and have been overwhelmed by the welcoming atmosphere at Kings College. Prior to starting here I worked in small village school in the West of England. The school only had one hundred pupil, so a huge contrast to teaching at Kings!! I am excited at the prospect of working for such an outstanding school and I am looking forward to getting to know you all better.

Helen Saxon

Mr John Mellon:

Hello! I´m Mr Mellon and I am very happy and excited to have joined King’s College Alicante as a history teacher and Year 10 Leader. I’ve moved here with wife, Claire who is teaching Year 3 in Primary, and our three children: Ilse aged 8, Y3; Georgia aged 6 Y1; and Ruairidh (pronounced Ruree) aged 4 Reception. Having just completed 13 years in Doha, Qatar, where the children were all born, we are really looking forwards to learning to enjoy the Spanish way of life. And being from Scotland myself, it’s great to see some mountains and greenery again! My wife and I have both spent a lot of time in Spain over the years, and it has always been a dream of ours to come and live here. Everything we’ve seen of King’s College and Alicante so far has convinced us that the reality will live up to the dream.

John Mellon

Mrs Debbie Gregory:

My name is Debbie Gregory, and I am returning to the BSA after an absence of 10 years. During this time, I have been teaching in European Schools in Alicante and Brussels, an international school in Paris, and most recently have worked as a Headteacher of a very small international school in Cameroon. The biggest change I have noticed in the BSA is its increased facilities and the increased numbers of staff and students. Despite this growth, the positive spirit and harmonious existence between staff and students across the Primary and Secondary schools is still very evident. The students as always are a delight to teach and are a constant reminder of why I joined the profession many years ago.

Debra Gregory

Mr Tom Low:

I am very excited to have started work here at King’s College Alicante. I have come to Alicante from Swansea, Wales, and in my short time here so far, I have already been incredibly impressed with the attitude of the pupils during and outside of lessons. I very much look forward to getting to know the pupils better, and indeed the parents, as the school year progresses.

 Tom Low

Mr David Cook:

I am very excited to return to King´s College Alicante after a year away teaching in a school just outside of Barcelona. The year away from the excellent students that we have here has helped me to truly recognise that this school offers something special and I feel very fortunate to be part of it. I am even more lucky to return to the same position in the school as before and can´t wait to get started on this year´s school production! This year as well as English and Drama, there are fresh challenges as I am also involved in the delivery and continued growth of Media Studies at GCSE level.  

 David Cook

Mrs Rachel Knowlman:

Introduction for new staff: Hello, my name is Miss Knowlman and I am the new teacher of Primary Music and Secondary English. I am loving the school, its atmosphere and location in the beautiful surroundings of Alicante with the mountains and the sea. The children at the school are willing to learn. My interests are mountain running and kayaking, which I hope to start up soon on a Wednesday.

 Rachel Knowlman

Mrs Irene Gómez:

As a former teacher in the United States, I am impressed by the quality and commitment of all our staff towards our pupils´ education and well-being. King´s College is a school of excellence, and this can be seen in everything we do every day. I feel very fortunate to be part of this school, and to translate this message to our prospective families


Mrs Tracey Lees:

Mrs. Lees will be covering for Mrs. Doidge whilst on maternity leave

 Tracy Lees