Our philosophy at Nexalia Services is based on creativity, tradition and close collaboration with all the professional staff involved in our processes. Our team of specialists go to the customer, bringing with them everything that is necessary to create the perfect event. Nexalia services is composed of several complementary services. Over the last two decades we have put together a professional team with a combination of experience and innovation. As well as catering for special events and businesses, we also pride ourselves in our superb cleaning and maintenance services, along with facilities management.

Our experience in facilities management ensures that construction projects are developed in order to generate increased performance, higher quality, superior customer service and facilitate the integration of people with spaces and technology. Working with only the best range of suppliers means that we are always confident that our final product or service is of the highest quality.

Nexalia Services is certified both in Quality and Environmental Management System (ISO 9001 & 14001), as well as having the strictest quality controls by having our own in-house logistics specialists.

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