Headteacher for the day!

When one of our Year 1’s said he wanted to be Headteacher for the day we made a decision to promote him. He carefully selected new resources for the patio, he drew pictures on the computer (because that is what Headteachers do) and he told the Nursery team that they could go on a trip…


Special Tea Party

On Friday Sir Roger Fry founder of King’s Group visited King’s Infant School with Mr Colin Niven one of our School Council members. They both enjoyed a tour of the school and a wonderful tea party with some of our youngest and oldest pupils. The children told them about the school and their favourite things…


Spanish Day Merienda

We have celebrated many merienda’s during this year but this one was full of Spanish tradition. With everyone in traditional dress, Luis and Paloma prepared us the most wonderful merienda treat full of Spanish delights. As always the churros and chocolate were extremely popular with the children.Thank you to all of you that were able…


Spanish Day

After the long weekend all the children returned to school dressed in traditional Spanish costume, most as chulapas and chulapos to learn and about Spanish culture and traditions. We had a super day organised by our Spanish Department. There was traditional dancing, crafts and lots of songs. Mr Dominguez and Ms Martin danced the chotis…


Science Week in KIS

We all thoroughly enjoyed our science week at King’s Infant School. Professor Brains visited all the children during the week. There were lots of wonderful experiments and the children had great fun carrying out all different tests. The children made wonderful predictions and there was lots of super vocabulary in action too. To finish off the…


King’s Infant School App

We have launched of our new school application. We are constantly looking at ways to improve communication with parents and in our ever busy lives we are trying to get the most important information to you as easily as possible. Whilst we update the website regularly we understand that parents do not have time to…


Alice in Wonderland-Book Week

We had a fantastic time celebrating book week at KIS with a great maths and English focus on Alice in Wonderland. The children had a wonderful time learning about the imaginative story of Alice and her eventful story meeting a talking white rabbit and a mad hatter.  The children loved preparing for wonderful tea parties…


Book Day Merienda

The weather stayed dry (just!) for our recent merienda for parents. The children played and the parents had the opportunity to meet together and informally meet with staff and catch-up on events. Thank you to those parents that attended and as always to Luis and Paloma for preparing the merienda.