The Sir Roger Fry Sixth Form scholarship

King’s College awards Sir Roger Fry scholarships to pupils who wish to study in the Sixth Form at King’s College Alicante. In applying for these scholarships careful note should be taken of the following:



The reference of this scholarship is:  Sixth Form 2016-2018 and this should be quoted in any correspondence.


Studies offered

Two academic years’ study, Lower and Upper Sixth Forms (English National Curriculum, Years 12 & 13) in King’s College, The British School of Alicante.


Duration of scholarships

Two academic years (2016-2018).


Value of the Scholarship

Partial or total equivalent of all fees for both school years, all text books and residence where applicable. Under no circumstance will the scholarships be exchangeable for money.


Pupils Currently in Year 11 at KC Alicante

(a)  Pupils at British schools (or schools elsewhere following the British system) who intend starting GCE ‘A’ Level studies in September 2016 having already passed GCSE or (I)GCSE examinations. or
(b)  Pupils at an equivalent level in another educational systems who take a competitive examination set by King’s College Alicante.



All applicants must complete Scholarship Application Form 2017-2019 which can be downloaded from our website:


1.   A certificate from the candidate’s present school showing most recent qualifications obtained in Year 10 and Year 11 of the “English National Curriculum” or equivalent. The student must have achieved the highest possible marks on at least 70% of the subjects taken at their school. The internal evaluation system used by the candidate’s school must be explained to King’s in detail.

2.   Supporting documents from the candidate’s current school, club, association, or the like, describing the candidate’s extra-curricular activities, abilities and achievements, contribute to success in the process. Possible activities may include sports, music, drama, community service contributions, adventure activities, etc. We require additional information to be submitted by post before June of each academic year.


Documentation to be submitted by August of each academic year or immediately after publication of results

Official (I)GCSE equivalent results slip (photocopies by Notary or carrying current school stamp) for all pupils in English system or official end-of-year results for pupils not currently in the British system.


Address for Documentation

Sixth Form Scholarship Committee

King’s College, The British School of Alicante

Glorieta del Reino Unido, 5

03008, Alicante

You can also telephone us:

Tel. +34 965 106 351

Fax. +34 965 108 096


Selection Committee

All candidates’ applications will be considered by a selection committee specifically set up by King’s College.



The committee will consider all aspects of the candidate’s application.

A personal interview will also be required. The Committee will select candidates based on all the data received and will decide on the percentage of the scholarship to offer the candidate.


Final Decision

Once a final decision has been made, successful candidates will be informed as soon as possible. For pupils in the British system, final confirmation rests on their official (I)GCSE results in August.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified in writing as soon as possible.

Scholarships are not transferable


No Suitable applicants

If in the opinion of the selection committee there are no suitable applicants, no scholarships will be awarded.



In the event of “force majeur” prior to the award of the scholarships, King’s College reserves the right to cancel the award process. “Force majeur” is defined as any event outside the control of King’s College which would make the provision of scholarships impossible.