Entry requirements

Our policy throughout the admissions process is to allocate the appropriate placement for the candidate so that he/she may benefit fully from the education we offer.

The procedure for admission to the school varies according to the age of the candidate:


Early Years Development

Foundation Stage (age 3 to 5)

Pupils applying for entry to the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) are required to come to the first visit with their parents. Children applying for Nursery and Reception places are not required to have any prior knowledge of English.

The Admissions Department will inform all parents about the availability of places when the admissions procedure commences each year. If a place is available, an appointment will be made for parents to visit the school with their child.


Key Stage One (age 5 to 7)

For entry to KS1, pupils are assessed by an Assistant Head from Primary. Ideally, candidates will have attended an English speaking school for at least one year prior to entry. At this age they will be expected to have knowledge of reading and writing in English.


Key Stage Two (age 7 to 11)

New pupils applying for entry to the school for KS2 take entrance tests in Mathematics, English and Non Verbal reasoning. Their past school reports are also taken into consideration.



Secondary Department (age 11 to 18)

Years 7-9 (age 11 to 14)

For entry to KS3, candidates take entrance examinations in Mathematics, English and Non Verbal reasoning.  Importance is given to school reports and interview attitude and performance.


Key Stage 4, Years 10-11 (age 14 to 16)

Pupils applying for entry to Year 10 take entrance examinations in Mathematics, English and Non Verbal reasoning.  Importance is given to school reports and interview attitude and performance.

Pupils applying for admission to Year 11 must have studied the first year of the (I)GCSE course (Year 10) in the British system the year prior to their entry to King’s College.  They are not required to take entrance tests unless is deemed necessary to establish certain level of English comprehension. Great importance is given to past reports.


Sixth Form (age 16 to 18)

Key Stage 5 – GCE A Levels (age 16 to 18)

GCSE and A-Levels

All students applying for entry to National Curriculum Year 12 to begin GCE A Level studies are required to attend a personal interview at the school. Their previous exam results and reports are taken into consideration.

Students applying from the British system are required to have a minimum number of 5 passes at (I)GCSE with C grade or above and grades A or B in the subjects they wish to take to A Level. Students from other international systems wishing to join Year 12 are required to take an entrance examination in English and a section interview with a Senior Leader from Secondary.

Year 13 applications are closely studied by our Senior Leadership Team in order to offer the best alternative for each student.




Check list of Important Documents

   Official Documentation (all applicants)
   Online or paper application form (this will be provided by the Admissions Department)
   A photocopy of either the birth certificate, the “Libro de Familia”, identity card or passport of the child.
   A photocopy of the identity document of both parents.
   A photocopy of the identity document of the account holder who will be accountable for school fees if this is not the child’s parent.
   An official medical certificate indicating the child has no infectious or contagious diseases.
√   A photocopy of vaccination book
   Two passport size colour photographs.
   End of year school reports for the last two years (if appropriate)
√    A photocopy of valid Visa for non EU students