The school has a very experienced Careers and University entrance Advisory Department which offers pupils extensive help and advice when applying for Higher Education, whether in the UK or in the rest of the world.

One hundred percent (100%) of Year 13 leavers gain a place at a university of their choice. Generally universities look most favourably upon applications from schools such as ours, as they appreciate that the multi-cultural, multi-lingual nature of our students will enrich their undergraduate life.

Each year, approximately one hundred students complete their studies at Kings College and enter the best international universities. Many students go to the United Kingdom, including prestigious universities within the Russell Group (Top 20 universities in the United Kingdom). Another large group opts for Spanish institutions, including public and private universities. Finally, a small group of students go to study in universities in the United States and other European countries.

Download University Destinations Brochure here.


University Destinations – 2018




2018 Imperial College Medical Biosciences with Management
2018 Nottingham University Chemistry
2018 University of Dundee Mechanical Engineering
2018 University of Edinburgh International Relations
2018 University of Kent Computer Science
2018 Loughborough University International Relations
2018 Queen Mary’s, London History & Politics
2018 University of Valencia Mechanical Engineering
2018 Bristol, University of the West of England International Business
2018 University of Warwick Philosophy & Literature
2018 Royal Holloway, University of London Economics with Spanish
2018 California Creative Arts International Business
2018 London School of Economics Actuarial Science
2018 University College London Economics
2018 Politécnica de Valencia Engineering
2018 Univ. Alicante TADE
2018 Escuela superior de Diseño Madrid Diseño de producto
2018 CEU Ing. Biomédica
2018 Univ. Alicante Ingeniería Química
2018 Univ. Alicante Química
2018 Univ. Piolitécnica Valencia Ing. Energia
2018 Univ. Piolitécnica Valencia Ing. Mecánica
2018 Univ Alicante Enfermería
2018 Univ Ing
2018 Univ. Piolitécnica Valencia Ingenieria Organización Industrial
2018 ICADE Derecho y ADE
2018 Univ. Alicante Publicidad
2018 Univ. Miguel Hernández Ing. Mecánica
2018 CEU Magisterio Infantil y Primaria
2018 Univ. Alicante Piloto
2018 ESNE Diseño de producto
2018 Univ. Politécnica Valencia-Alcoy Ingeniería Organización Industrial
2018 UCAM Ing. Informática
2018 Univ Loyola Relaciones internacionalesy comunicación
2018 Univ Alicante Criminología
2018 Univ. Alicante Ing Multimedia
2018 ICAI Ing Telecomunicaciones