2017 A Level Results

  2017 2016
% A* 23.68% 11.18%
% A*- A 44.74% 33.54%
% A* – B 58.55% 52.17%
% A*- E 100% 96.89%


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2017 IGCSE Results


A*-C 92.3%
A*-B 81.6%
A*-A 60.7%
A* 40.8%

King’s College Alicante results compare favorably with both international and UK schools, placing us at the same level as top UK-based independent schools and selective entry state grammar schools. Our standards not only exceed the UK state sector by a wide margin, but they also place us alongside the UK independent school average for A*, A and B grades. At IGCSE this year our A* grades placed us 54th out of 425 top independent schools in the UK and the highest amongst King’s Group schools.

Head teacher, Mr Derek Laidlaw commented: “These are a truly remarkable set of results, reflecting all the long hours of work and commitment our pupils and teachers have put into their studies. The A level qualification is world recognized as a high standard in education and our students’ excellent results demonstrate that they leave school with top grades; a wonderful culmination of their school life. We wish them great success as they move on to university.”

Head of Secondary, Mr Simon Wicks added: “These results are the highest ever in the history of King´s College Alicante and we are all very proud of this achievement. Science subjects, in particular Physics along with our English Language & Literature results are outstanding. All our Y13 graduating students have secured their first choice place university.”